6 thoughts on “New Patterns

  1. Are there any patterns for crocheted chemo caps? If so may print off one or two of them.. I crochet more than knit, therefore it would be faster for me.

    • Hi Jeanette.

      We’re in the process of revising and updating the http://www.chemocaps.com website and will be adding crochet chemocap patterns very soon.
      Here on: http://www.headhuggers.org/patterns/patterns.htm
      you will see assorted crochet chemocap patterns that are complimentary to print out and use and all of the patterns on chemocaps.com website are complimentary as well.

      It’s wonderful that you want to participate in this program crocheting chemocaps for cancer patients and on behalf of every cancer patient who will be the recepient of one of your crochet chemocaps, I thank you.

    • Hi Patricia
      Your very welcome. I’m glad you found your way to this website and please avail yourself of all of the patterns.
      I know whichever patterns you knit for cancer patients. They will be very much appreciated.

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