hand knitting caps for cancer patients since 2001


Remember all ChemoCaps must be hand knit  or sewn caps are not acceptable for use by cancer patients.

  • As part of this program all we ask is that you  please put a little tag on each ChemoCap that says:”Heather Spoll No Hair Day Hat Program”   www,ChemoCaps.com   knit for you by (your first name or name of knitting group)

I love to hear from you with any questions, suggestions, comments or thoughts that you may have regarding ChemoCaps. 

You may contact  me using the contact form to find out where ChemoCaps are needed in your local area.

Children and woman undergoing chemotherapy or radiation for cancer all over the world would appreciate the this same program that is so successful in the United States. 

You will need to be willing to donate some time to this project.

Second, make arrangements with your local hospitals and oncology units for the distribution of chemo caps to patients.

Be willing to have the chemo caps sent  to you by knitters all over the world for distribution.

Finally, you need to take the time to thank those knitters who participate.​​

Why I started Chemocaps

Why I started Chemocaps


My daughter Heather (age 25 and a great knitter) passed away August 31, 2000.

In her memory we are knitting and donating hand knit chemo caps to wonderful hospital oncology inpatient units and hospice programs so that cancer patients who lose their hair can have a very soft hand knit cap to call their own to comfort their heads and their souls because they will know someone cared enough to knit a cap for them.

What can one say but thank you, which doesn't seem quite enough, but all of you are helping to make a cancer patient in the oncology unit and hospice program feel more comfortable and comforted knowing that a knitter cared enough to hand knit a chemo cap for their head.

A few last thoughts from Ronni

Your Committment

Why I started Chemocaps

Why I started Chemocaps

use  our  patterns   to   create  chemocaps  and  Distribute them to your local hospitals