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​When writing the patterns for this program, I tried to keep the recipient in mind.  Heads bared by chemotherapy can be very sensitive.  A soft hat with little texture and no seams will feel the best.  That is why I have written these patterns primarily in stockinette stitch and in the round (to minimize seams and texture).  

I am often asked what yarns I would recommend for chemo hats.  While I must stress that ANY very soft, washable yarn will do nicely, I know that potential knitters often want more specific suggestions, so here they are: 

Very soft light-to-medium weight yarns feel the best on the head. We have had very positive response from DK weight yarns such as Wildflower DK from the Plymouth Yarn Co, Polo (distributed by Skacel), and Sirdar’s Baby Care (distributed by KFI).  These yarns are all cotton/acrylic blends, which are quite soft.  For a worsted weight yarn we must give the highest marks to Plymouth Encore.  It is soft, washable, widely available and reasonably priced.  

Please use colors and yarns that you like knitting with, and you think others will enjoy wearing.  Lastly, remember washability and dryability.  Chemo patients often do not have the time to worry about hand washing.   Please make sure your yarn can go into a washer and dryer, and come out as lovely as ever.
Good Luck with your knitting and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

” Heather Spoll No Hair Day Hat Program” 

Click to download the PDF with Detailed Instructions for the Pattern

  1. Plain Rolled  WW
  2. Eyelet Rolled DK
  3. Ladies Beret Tam

A note from our designer JoAnne Turcotte

use  our  patterns   to   create  chemocaps  and  Distribute them to your local hospitals